Friday, December 30

More, More Presents

Oh my goodness, I'm overwhelmed. I have so many Christmas gifts from so many awesome people - and I got more from one more awesome person! She's my German penpal, Marie!
She got me...

  • A Christmas card
  • A wooden Christmas ornament
  • Lindt chocolate (which melted and chocolate got out of its wrapping and onto the envelope on the way here - I wonder if it'd have melted as bad if my mother checked the mailbox a little earlier...)
  • Milka chocolate (Pretty famous brand of milk chocolates - I think, but not as expensive as Lindt chocolates!)
  • And a short letter (for a change!)

Enjoy the pi-chures! I love the wrapping paper!

 This is one of the most precious things anyone has ever given  me! I shall keep it close! ;)

And I chanced upon this while I was randomly looking at my blog traffic influx of visitors! Found out someone had posted one of my blog entries on we♥it! So cool! Here's the proof!


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