Friday, December 30

MOAAAAR Christmas Gifts!!!

I'd be feeling so excited right now if there isn't ALL. THAT. PRESSURE from school assignments. Feature writing, especially.

Christmas has passed (it's been 5 days already, how quickly time flies!) and I'm still getting an influx of Christmas gifts! Yee ha!

On Tuesday, Becks and I went to Elaine's belated birthday party for a steamboat dinner! She invited two other friends who were both studying to be teachers. Wowza palooza. It was pretty fun! Exchanging and opening gifts, playing with the resident Chihuahua, Juno (I love her!) and eating awesome noodles with the other steamboat ingredients. Poor Elaine puked twice from eating too much of the steamboat while sending us down!

Loved every single one of my presents I'd gotten so far! Here's what I got from Elaine:

What I got from Bex on the same day:
Chocolates from l'Italie from her grandmother!

On Wednesday, helped Becky with her website especially on Adobe Dreamweaver at Wendy's at Holland! She managed to finish it completely within 3 and a half hours. The lucky girl. I stayed up that night till 4AM trying to complete mine. I only finished it at 2PM the next day! But I think mine looks decent enough, I guess. Here's a snapshot of the homepage!

When I came home, I found my table was scattered with Juicy products that my mother received at last from her office! I was positively jumping for joy then. 
 It came with three charms (two of which are charms of car keys for Becky and I, and the other one is a Juicy iPad charm!) and a watch (for my mother) and 4 mini envelopes with a Juicy card inside each one of 'em!

 Becky personally requested this message to be on the card!

 Just realised I took 4 photos of the watch - and none of which you could see the clock clearly...
 My Juicy iPad charm! It was a lot cheaper with a 30% sale then!

 The pink rubber can be used to secure the cover of the miniature iPad case as well. Feels like it could break at any time!

 The most beautiful box I've ever seen...

 ... It flips!
 The car keys charm! So lovely.
And finally, a bag that wasn't as big as we expected it to be that my mother wanted.

Yesterday, The Cow had her parents drive to mine when they went out for din-din so we could exchange our Christmas presents. The wrapped present for me was humongous. Makes me feel kinda poor that I only gave a small animated singing reindeer and a Christmas cracker. LOL.
 A really big bag!
 What's in it? Mickey and Minnie couple stuff toys.
 Souvenirs from Taiwan!
 Sour plum candy.
 Two pairs of warm, woollen socks. Cow thought the one on the right with the tiny embellishments were little paw prints! HAHAHA.
How do THESE look like paw prints?!
 Also from Taiwan, a keychain that says 'Open your mind' with my name carved in its back, and a moneybag necklace that opens to reveal a little clock! So cuh-yoot!

The mess that is now my table, especially after the Christmas season! 

Beck and I went shopping at New Look and H&M in town yesterday! Spent less than 50 bucks, surprisingly! Here's what I got...
Home comfort boots from H&M. It had a 50% off, so it cost us only $12.45! It's like stepping on cotton candy or marshmallows! It's heaven.
Hair elastics from H&M! Just $2.90! B got hair clips at the same price too. She wore the gold ones after and commented it looked like something a certain group of people would wear. I shan't reveal exactly who here.
A New Look skirt that costs me $36.90! 
Got it together with these over-the-knee bow socks that cost $13.90 so I could get $25 off with the voucher that expires on the 31st December! So worrrrth it!
Previously bought these 3 socks from New Look too. I own waaay too many pairs of socks.

Went to Melissa's house today too (we got lost along the way there since we missed a bus stop) so more pressies for us! 
 Mell's presents for all of us!
 A cupcake charm Becky gave her! So cute! Wish I got one for myself too...
 The top of the box the charm came with!
All our presents for Mells!
My moustache hanger for her already on the wall! It looks like the hair dryer, but it's really not.
 Mells' presents for me! So. Many!
 Buttons for scrapbooking!
 A wooden self-carving postcard and a notebook! 

 A set which includes a shower gel, body lotion, body polish, and bath salts! So puh-reedy!

 I love the gold-rimmed ends of the notebook!
Perhaps I shall use this as my French notebook too!

On a side note, check out this picture I found on BuyCostumes! They sell awesome costumes (obviously). They are selling a Hannah Montana wig for children, and this was the product picture...
She looks a lot like a young Miley Cyrus, non?

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