Monday, December 26

The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas gift-giving is always a sign of great Christmas spirit, right? 
Below are some of the Christmas gifts I got for my friends!

For The Cow...
 An animated singing reindeer!

 And a tiny reindeer card as a finishing touch!

For my Korean penpal...
 Gifts from Typo! A notebook with Spanish on the front cover, and the English translation on the back and...
A fabric Christmas stocking with reindeers and blue trees on 'em! So cute!
She hung it on her door after receiving it!
 Also sent her birthday gifts along with her Christmas ones since it will cost a lot cheaper than mailing them out twice (together, they still cost 20++ bucks ._.) and gave her these cute character earstuds from Toy Story! They look a lot different in the picture than in real life...
 Also sent her a Forever 21 necklace (they don't have F21 there) and a silver nail polish from rubi!
And decorated her a birthday card! I think I must have done about 6 birthday cards in the past month!

For my penpal from India...
 Haven't heard from her ever since I sent these bangles (also Forever 21) her way. I wonder why. Anyway, these weren't exactly Christmas gifts - they were for her birthday. Figured I'd just put this here anyway.
Me trying on the bangles!

Below are some Christmas greetings videos I've received on Whatsapp! Enjoy!
Apparently, Becky's mother sent this creepy-weird Indian version of Christmas to her via whatsapp.
A sweet Christmas greeting!
My aunt whatsapped this to me. Pretty cute.

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