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Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Went to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition just last Monday with my mother! It was the most awesome experience, ever! I'm so glad they came to the Art Science Museum in Singapore for their 100th year anniversary in 2012 (since Titanic sank in 15 April 1912...), and it'll be showing till after this significant date - 29 April! So get over there ASAP! Tickets cost $21 initially, but my mother got a 20% discount with her credit card! Hurrah! And we each paid an extra five bucks for a museum souvenir and hour-long documentary viewing: Ghosts of the Abyss.

There were 2 exhibitions showing at that time. We had the option of viewing the other: Cartier Time Art, at a lower price if we viewed both, but decided it would be extremely boring anyway.
The spectacular view of the bridge extending over Marina Bay outside the museum.

The exhibition was mostly entirely dark, except the areas where they lit up the boards explaining the humble beginnings of Titanic, the rooms and facilities in it, how First, Second and Third Class passengers lived and where they had mock-ups of places in the RMS Titanic (that stands for Royal Mail Steamer, if you don't already know!) I love the mock-ups the most! It was my favourite part in the whole exhibition. There was an elegant replica of the Grand Staircase (my favourite!), the deck along the side of the ship and how starry it looked when you were there in the night sky (my second fave - it looked really real!), replicas of the First and Third Class chambers and the corridors along the rooms aboard the ship (completely with carpeted flooring!).  
Awaiting Ghosts of the Abyss! Apparently a film by Walt Disney! And it shows people out at the Atlantic Ocean (not too far from New York, since it sank when it was about 450 miles away from its destination) floating right above the wreck of Titanic (about 13,000 feet below the ocean!), sending small, square-ish robots down to the wreck to assess its interior. Submarines with a maximum of 2 to 3 people were sent down (the descent down to the bottom of the ocean floor takes 12-13 hours, if I so recall from the movie!) to check out the wreck and send out these robots too. It was awesome, looking at the wreck, even if it's from a screen! I can't imagine how unreal it would be if I actually saw the wreck for myself! But who knows if I'd dare to even go down to see the wreck. What if something goes wrong with the submarine? You can't survive a swim up to the ocean's surface! Anyway, my mother was sleeping through the whole movie. LOL.

No photography was allowed at all in the exhibition, but I managed to sneak a few snapshots with my lousy camera phone after we exited the exhibition and into the souvenir store just outside! I wish I had more money to buy more souvenirs! They were all awesome, especially the dining plates and such, replicas of what First, Second and Third Class Titanic passengers used! First Class passengers of course had more exquisite dining material, with blue and gold lining the plates, cups, saucers, etc. I didn't manage to get a picture of that, unfortch. Here's what I did take:

Plates, cups, saucers, mugs from the Third Class! All very realistic replicas!
Umbrellas with the White Star Line flag logo etched on one side! My mother and I got one of these for 25 dollars, just so we could sum up to 50 bucks to get a free Third Class mug (more later).
Old-fashioned hats of what women wore in the past for sale! I wish I bought one of these!
The front cover of the photo book my mother purchased for 25 bucks (for 2 photos... TWO!)
My mother and I posing for a photo. Becky says I looked reluctant to take the photo. I really did.

On a side note, this is a giant Salvatore Ferragamo wedge heel outside the Titanic exhibition! Uber cool!

Below are the other souvenirs I got from Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition!

The boarding pass each visitor received of an ACTUAL Titanic passenger! How awesome is that?! But I'm pretty sure the boarding pass does not look like how it did for Titanic passengers back then.
 Click to enlarge! I was Mrs Stephen Hold, a 36 year-old Englander in the Second Class with her husband. My mother got Mrs Amin Jerwan, 23 year-old, Second Class (also) and travelled alone aboard the Titanic! It didn't indicate on the boarding pass - but I'm pretty sure none of them survived the sinking.
Ahhh wait a second! Both of them actually were rescued and survived the Titanic sinking -.- Mrs Stephen Hold was rescued in Boat 10, but unfortch her husband died in the sinking. Poor thing. Oh well, at least we know how they turned out!
Our museum souvenir! They were for sale at the museum's souvenir store too (about 12 bucks!)
The free Third Class mug! I love it!

That's the end. If you haven't already seen the exhibition, I'd strongly urge you to go! The ticket price was worth every penny! You may like to skip the documentary if you have no interest for that sort of thing. And the museum souvenir is nothing that big of a deal. But it was pretty worth it for 5 bucks! 

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