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Damn, I've been blogging (on and off, no doubt) for a few years now... it's unbelievable how I still find it so taxing to come up with a starter line interesting enough to rope readers in to the *real* stuff. I'll continue working on it though... 

And now that the first paragraph's over and settled with... 

I've no idea what I can really say on my blog posts now. My life mainly revolves around the internship presently, what with 10 and a half hours spent at work each day, and there isn't a lot I can write about without getting into legal prosecution risks of divulging confidential information. But I'm pretty sure emotions and thoughts don't really count in that. 

Speaking of which, I kind of enjoyed Media Law (which I took the past semester), even though I only managed to scrape through with a B+ at the end... Undecided if I should actually pursue Law completely in university, and I've to admit: I've never once given a damn thought about doing Law. But perhaps Media Law had contorted the inner workings of my mind, who knows. But what happens then, even if I study Law? Do I become a lawyer? Where do I work? A giant legal firm? A small, independent, private law firm? (I don't mind small companies, really!) Do I even possess the confidence and willpower to obtain what's right for clients as a lawyer? I mentioned the whole studying Law notion to my uncle and jokingly remarked I could be a judge. Right, as if it's that easy. My aunt decided against it. She said it spells for hard times, being a lawyer. If dire times call for desperate measures, perhaps a legal counsellor? Someone who deals with family/divorce trouble? In any case, my future in university (hopefully I get into one) is a big question mark. I want to study theatre. TV. Film. Writing. French. It's a pity university education is not free-of-charge the world over, that'd make it so much easier to go to whichever country I desire (assuming I can get in!) Apparently, my friend in Finland pays nothing for her university education! She's happily studying singing in a university in the city of Turku now. The Finnish got it swell.

Anyway, think I terribly railed off the subject I intended this post to be about, so it's time I get back on track. Wish I could say the same about my own life. Standstill. Crossroads. 4-way junctions. Those are words I can describe about my present state. I go about my day with careful routine––hey, routine is good y'know. According to an article I read in Reader's Digest (the iPad digital versh), unpredictable schedules and lack of a regular routine "spike[s] levels of the stress hormone cortisol and disrupt your body's ideal state" (BAM! Sufficient true blue informative facts for one post, there ya go!) 

So the subject at hand: Internship. I have about 20 weeks left to go, come Friday this week! I end on 8 February, so if the world doesn't blow up on me and the rest of the world by then, I'll very gladly take my leave! I know, it may be too early to tell, you say? I actually like being in the field of TV. It's vastly interesting. Just yesterday when I was doing my rounds (or maybe when I was going home), I heard two ladies commented how they had to remove the homosexual scene in the drama series premiering soon (or has it already premiered?), 'Revenge'. I've watched up to the latest episode (right before the hiatus) and I know it like the back of my hand (I'm not exaggerating here, people). They meant the scene between Tyler and Nolan, where the two dudes kiss in the privacy of Nolan's metal-hard study, after they've got a deal working of some sort. Ignore this if you don't actually watch 'Revenge' or remotely even care for it. That's such a pity really, in my opinion (I can see I am beginning to tread on dangerous ground here). Cutting out the homosexual scene completely and leaving out an otherwise vital part of the story? Actually, it may not really have been necessary, lol. But I guess the authorities have to do what's best for the conservative nation we still are now. All right, I should stop there before I start rambling too much. 

On second thought, I shall blog more about this whole internship when I feel up to it. I know I have barely typed 10 lines on the internship itself, but it can wait! I've got ample weeks more of it. 

Photos below! I've taken some shots of my desk and the area around my cubicle, but it's probably not the best idea to put it up online, not when the whole place is so security-protected anyway.

 My first meal, on Day 3! I get anxious when I see egg in my food, then the picking starts. I barely touched the thing (except strands of noodles and vegetable stems maybe) and brought it home as left-overs instead.
 In the background: my official notebook for internship (I record my dailies––what I do each day––there!), and a "limited-edition" sticker set (related to the TV channel I'm working for) a kind corlick gave when she noticed my really huge notebook!
 Offered a snowskin mooncake by another corlick that we received boxes of today and yesterday from Raffles Hotel (I was actually collecting mooncake boxes and delivering back empty ones yesterday...)!
 It's alcoholic mooncake! Liqueur chocolate hidden inside! Sorry if the photo grosses you out. 
Headed to the supermarket after work today to look at items and stock up on the snack supply during work! Somehow, looking at grocery items in a supermarket really calms me down. I should do it more often...

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