Saturday, September 15


I watched Annie the Musical on 26 July this year, so this is just another one of my usual long-overdue blog posts! Anyway, my mother bought the tickets for both of us to watch a few months before, but she forfeited her ticket to my aunt instead when she scheduled to go on a get-away to Indonesia with her pals instead.

My aunt has probably never watched a musical in her life, so this was her first. When the 'Overture' ended and Annie belted out a rendition of 'Maybe' and there were tons of children (playing the orphans) running around the stage, that's when my aunt leaned towards me and asked me in Mandarin, "Are those real people?" No need to exactly mention my really exasperated reply to that insightful question.

Anyway, Annie the Musical had some pretty heart-warming moments, so it was pretty nice overall! The little Singaporean children they hired as actors to play the orphans were precious, especially the tiny girl with the two ponytails at the side of her head (name's Molly, I think?). 

Our view of the stage from our seats, right next to an aisle!
During the intermission...
Brought out my new Juicy Couture monogrammed bag to use for this occasion! So purdyyy!

My uncle fetched us after the musical and we headed for dinner/supper at the usual restaurant along Geylang Rd we usually patronise!
Abalone with broccoli!
Tried soaking my broccoli in hot water like what my aunt and uncle did to remove the abalone sauce (they're vegans!) and it really does work!
My noodles. 
One of our usual pickings. My uncle dubs them 'Chinese French Fries' and the chilis tossed amidst the "fries" as 'bombs'. LOL.
On the ride home, we saw the hugest moon hanging from the sky! It was almost impossible to describe (so I have no idea how to describe it here anyway). Anyway, the moon in the above photo is the small white figure in the sky next to that orange luminating light from the streetlamps (i know, the irony).
My uncle's posters of his stuffed animals he usually sells during his fleas!

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