Friday, September 14

Words Left Unspoken

Well, you can probably see by the time at the bottom of this post... I'm typing up this short piece at 6:30AM in the morning. I'd usually only eat my breakfast till about 6:15, then go back to sleep for a bit before I'm woken up by my human alarm clocks (either Gran or Mum)... Yesterday, I slept early (quarter before 1AM?) so perhaps I'm not feeling much of the effects of being sleepy enough to go back to bed.

Anyway, there isn't a lot I can write here. Week 1 of internship is drawing to a close! Now... 21 more weeks to go! Huzzah! Because I had to sign a non-disclosure form and whatever serious business it is that could get me prosecuted (legally, of course), nothing about internship is going on here! I've faithfully kept a daily (written) diary to record what I do every single day (which will just get tedious in time and I won't be able to faithfully keep it up just like how I do this blog...) since there are 2 big reports and a ton of monthly logs we have to submit on what we do for our internship and other inane stuff like that. Still, I guess I shouldn't complain and just be glad and satisfied I managed to land a position at this company. The people there are pretty nice (according to my company's supervisor).

It's really sad. I've lost most of my downtime, since I unconsciously (almost always these past 4 days) get off work at 6:30PM (I've no idea why my body alarm clock doesn't fire up at 6:00PM - that's the time I'm supposed to end), I get home only around 7 plus, which leaves me basically zero time to get some proper work done, like emailing my penpals or writing letters to them. Hahaha yes, they are proper. Maybe not exactly 'work'.

Anywhooo, hopefully I brave this last day of Week 1, and that nothing screws up for me (Pooh you, Murphy's Law!).

P.S.: It really has been a while since I typed up a no-photo post... Share


  1. 'Sup bels! MY DAD CALLS THEM CHINESE FRENCH FRIES TOO ZOMG. Guess who I am. Hahaha

    1. Rebecca The Flowers. No need to guess hahaha


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