Sunday, September 9

Lunch in a (Full) House

Smelly, The Cow and I managed to make use of the deal we bought on one of the deals' sites (there are so many, I can't differentiate them really) a while ago! The deal went like this: it's $9.90 for a three-course set lunch, which includes one soup-of-the-day, a plate of pasta (with a select choice for your preference) and top it all off with a beverage (coffee/tea/iced lemon tea)!

There is only ONE Fullhouse cafĂ© branch in Singapore, and a few in Malaysia. This one's located just next to Hotel Rendezvous! It's a part of it, I reckon. The address states it's at 'Rendezvous Gallery'. There are a few other swanky restaurants around the perimeter as well. 
 Cow and I arrived first at 11.45PM, early for our reservation at 12PM! This is the entrance to the House! 
We climb the three steps to the car porch! And look what greets us! An open-top car, with fully-functional doors for you to enter and gives you photo-ops! 
 A mural right next to the car! I love the graphics! And the cartoon Singaporean Merlion is way adorbs!
 We move on past the car porch! Apparently, the dining area we were assigned to was on the 2nd level, completely detached from the area on the 1st floor. We confirmed our reservation with the friendly staff and moved to our seats!
 Our table, and the scene behind us. So pristine! The decor was absolutely delightful to look at too. Little photo frames of the characters in Fullhouse on the walls, pretty wall lamps, etc.
The counter!
The Balcony, right behind my seat! 
The menu!
 Back cover of the menu!
 A brochure I picked up at the entrance...
...which includes a handy little floorplan of Fullhouse! So cute!
 A wall lamp right by my seat! I would love something like that in my refurbished room (not gonna happen for now, unfortch)!
A portion of the wallpaper on the walls in Fullhouse!

Smelly arrives and we get straight down to our lunch, furrealz!

Our Soup-of-the-Day: Pumpkin soup! I don't really like pumpkin in general, nor have I even tried it... but this pumpkin soup is pretty good. Just the right amount of 'creamy' and the taste isn't too over-powering!
We all ordered iced lemon tea for our beverage! It came in jugs and the volume was just right!
The Cow's order: Alfredo Pasta! Creamy spaghetti with shitake mushrooms!
Smelly and I ordered the Vongole pasta! It is butter-based, with chilli flakes (look at the amount of it, really shows you how friggin' spicy it is), clams with a dash of pepper along the sides of the plate! It swelled me up like no tomorrow. I was nearly in tears when the waiter asked me whether I wanted to refill my cup of iced water.

We went around to explore after our meal! Tons of photo-ops around the place! And all the decor was extremely delightful! I could only wish my house was like that! The entire place has that cottage-feel and the dainty air to it.
The Master Bedroom! Almost everything is for sale there, save for the furniture of course! The clothes on the rack, the items on the shelves...
Smelly and I had some photo-ops with the hats!
Overwhelmingly-sequined top. I can only imagine the price of it! Most of the items for sale there cost a bomb, anyway.
The Cow in the background!
Glasses on display, all for sale as well! Have I mentioned how much I dig all the furniture there?
A canopy bed in the corner! We weren't allowed to sit on it, but Smelly and Cow went ahead for a photo-op there anyway.
Bedside table, with accessories for sale dangling over hooks above it!
Another angle of the Master Bedroom.
A coat hanger that displays scarves for sale! The miniature potted plants on steps against the wall are so precious!
Back to the balcony!
Cosy Corner!
A fountain filled with rubber duckies and coins thrown in by people who assumes it's a magic wishing fountain, in the outdoor garden, just outside the restaurant!

Moi photographing the fountain!
The Outdoor Courtyard!
An Eiffel Tower-shaped beer tap?! So pretty.

We had more photo-ops on this garden bench!

Back on the First Floor!
Goodbye, Fullhouse! I'll be back, someday!

To make a not-too-long story short, we met Becks and took neoprints for the first time together! It was really smaller than expected since we had to divide it among a group of 4.

Anyway, I'm completed with this blog post! It's internship Day One tomorrow and I honestly should be getting to bed soon! I'm not exactly allowed to disclose any confidential information about internship, my company and what I do on the Great Wide Web, so it's best I disclose nothing about it at all, so I'll simply continue with past events when I get the time!

It's pretty much a lack of words in this blog post since I'm already seriously lazy to write, especially when they're already tons of photos that can make up for the lack of text! Goodbye for now, fair fellows! Share

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