Thursday, September 6

The Brush Guard Review

Just to show you how dedicated I am to keeping this blog alive, here's another post! A product review this time, to be exact! I'm always blogging based on the chronological events of my day. Another irritating quirk of mine. Is it even something positive for it to be coined a 'quirk'?

Anywho, I received my brush guard pack in the mail today! I think I ordered it just a week ago, in late August. How quick! There are several packs to choose from, and I got the 'Variety Pack' so I get a little bit of everything! Others include a 'Blush Pack', 'Foundation Pack', to suit the kind of brushes you want to safeguard!

The envelope it came in!

Different sizes!
So far I've only used two of 'em...

The mesh are extremely breathable, good for drying your brushes throughout the night! But the underleaf of the package says that the mesh can fray over time! So I'll be sure to take great care of it! The mesh felt harder than I thought it would, but the brushes fit perfectly. 

Michelle Phan's video review of The Brush Guard and how to clean brushes properly! It's a pretty old video...

Click here to buy The Brush Guard

Click here to meet The Ickies! They stay on your brushes if you don't clean them proper!

All righty, I'm too tired of blogging for now, so I shall end it here! Tata! Share

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