Sunday, September 2

Comex 2012 Haul

All right, so I said yesterday would be my last day at Comex, but not exactly! Even though I didn't have to work for the final day of Comex, I still returned, for the fourth day in a row! To see Smelly at work, and at the same time, get some tech products that I really needed! Was able to get a 100 bucks from my mother before I went so I could get a look-see and buy something!

I headed there after my music lesson (I've proceeded on to Grade 7 now, huzzah!) and met with The Cow before we met up with Smelly for lunch. And guess what I ate? ChicKing... again. For the third day in a row now. I'm seriously never going back. Never again!

We headed back to Comex and Cow and I walked around Levels 6, then back to 4, before we met with Smelly at her booth and left! Wan Er got a pretty blue, sleek aluminium hard drive for herself, of 1TB capacity! So much prettier than my hard drives really. It was hilarious, how she asked for a red case that only came with the pink hard drive. But she ended up with a dark blue case with her blue hard drive in the end, but it still looked pretty okay.

Here's what I managed to get, mostly from the extremely crowded Level 6 exhibition hall!

The loots.
First, a moshi Magic Mouse mouseguard at $18! 
 The mouseguard comes in two colours (you have to buy them separately of course) - white and silver!
I got the white one, obvs. It's basically a sticker already shaped to accommodate your Magic Mouse, with matte surfacing across the top. It's supposedly wear- and scratch-resistant, and it doesn't hinder with using your mouse at all. I've always worried I would scratch my Magic Mouse (and I already have, even along the aluminium side as you can see from the photo above), so I'm glad I got this for cheap at Comex!
 To get the mouseguard in white, click here!
To get the mouseguard in silver, click here!

Alrighty, next product!
SanDisk Cruzer Pop USB Flash Drive, 16GB, a paint design, for $9.90! I was looking for a SanDisk brand (one of the trusted brands for flash drives!) for my new thumbdrive and this li'l thang caught my eye, amidst the huge crowd around the booth! Get this thumbdrive here!
 The really thin and miniscule thumbdrive bends!
 Tried to put it through the USB drive on my Mac this way at first. Didn't work.
I tried flipping it over. Huzzah! This was the proper way to insert the flash drive!

On to the final product! 
sensonic's EVI800 Zip Cable Earphones! 
Click here to see the features!
Click here to see where exactly to buy 'em (only available in certain countries)!
 What caught my eye was the zip cable! Really one-of-a-kind!
Look at the pretty pink zipper!

It provides you with three, interchangeable, different-sized ear-buds! Small, medium, large! Somehow every size I tried doesn't seem to work. They all end up falling out of my ears from time to time. But one good feature of this set of earphones is that the audio jack's cable is not made of the usual rubber outer-layer, but a string that encases the wire inside, I suppose! All my past earphones had to be tossed away when the rubber layer frays and gives out, which somehow damages one side of the earphone until it is rendered useless. With the string, it's practically impossible for that to happen (I think, I'd have to give it time to find out if it's really all that formidable)!

And now, that leaves the obligatory food photos! The Cow and I headed to Clementi Mall afterwards for her dinner! 
 Splish Splash and Pink Lemonade Ice flavours from Baskin Robbins 31! It cost me an exorbitant 6 bucks, lol.
And oden, with Tako Ten Chigiri (octopus fishcake)! If you haven't tried oden before, you've really got to. The soup at least. It tastes waaay heavenly. And this just cost me 1 buck.

Well, that's it for now! I've been blogging an awful lot these past few days, but keep a look-out for more! Till then!

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