Saturday, September 1

On the Battle Ground: Comex Promoter *FINAL DAAAY*

And so comes the last day of my temporary real job at Comex 2012! I worked without Smelly, while she was off gallivanting elsewhere with Becky as I suffer. Anyway, I was once again posted to Level 4's booth, with a minor change. A new promoter for AMD joins me at my booth, and according to our supervisor, he had experience at previous IT shows selling AMD computers. Turns out he was a smoker too, just like the rest. Ew. They must be the Cigar-Smokin' Musketeers (not even close to be called 'musketeers', really) of AMD.

I wasn't able to sell a single laptop right before lunch, while the new promoter kept coming to me to enquire how many I'd sold. I had to keep coming up with tiny reasons of why I sold nothing. Here's how the ordinary convo between us went.

Him: So how is it?
Me: Um, sold zero *shaking my head*. Only have potential customers.
Him: *nods* I already sold 3, leh.
Me: *feigning shock* WOW! That's good!

It was annoying, really.

Anyway, during lunch, my supervisor allowed me to go off elsewhere for lunch since I mentioned I was meeting a friend elsewhere. So guess who I got to meet!
Smelly, Begs and The Cow! We took an Instax after I ate at ChicKing... again. I was getting really sick of the place, but at least it'd be the last day I'm eating there! Or so I thought... But more on that in the next post! The one in the white polo-tee is yours truly!

Went back sadly to work, and played promoter-and-customer with Begs and Cow for a bit before they all left and I was back alone, bored and miserable. I even ended up skiving for a bit, leaving the exhibition hall to take a breather from the crowds, from time to time, for fear my supervisor would return and find me missing. Besides I could always use the excuse of going to the pee-room if that happened! Or sometimes I'd walk around the perimeter of the ASUS booth, staking out potential customers not already taken by other ASUS promoters (basically what I did all day). Or even the perimeter of the exhibition hall, looking at other products by other brands and companies. I was that bored, yes. And I hadn't sold a single laptop, while Mr. Braggy Pants continued to increase his commission count. Boo hoo me.

But just as I thought I wasn't gonna sell a single laptop on my final day of work, I managed to clinch one with a couple! Funny story. I spoke to them in Chinese at first (really surprising). When I noticed he didn't truly get what I was saying, I tried again. And I was able to sort of answer the man's questions in pretty undecipherable English, and I was finally able to sell one when he said he would get the $799 laptop! Huzzah!

Anyway, I didn't sell another laptop after that, try as I might. Some learning points here: I can't really sell. I pick customers selectively, and somehow try to judge on my own whether they were Chinese-speakers. I can't do sales for nuts. And lastly, never doing another IT show in my life!

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