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On the Battle Ground: Comex Promoter Day Two

Truth is, I'm only typing this almost a week after this post is dated. Don't ask me why, but after just a day or two of posting, I somehow lost all interest again to blog. Wonder where all my previous enthusiasm with blogging ran off to. Perhaps it's all lost with age. But more on that later. Or next time when I actually blog.

Anyway, the second day of Comex was pretty uneventful. Not if you count me managing to "break the egg" (according to my Uncle) from the previous day's *duck record. I was able to sell one pretty early in the first 2 hours, thanks to one of the ASUS promoters who helped me out with the Chinese-speaking customer. She let me fill up the invoice and use my name instead of hers. So grateful! If I'd known earlier, I'd have shared it with her so she could get her commission from selling AMD computers. Anyway, the first laptop I sold was priced at $799!

For lunch, our supervisor somehow allowed us to eat away from the rest of the AMD group (thank goodness),  so Smelly and I went off to Marina Square to eat at a lesser-known fast-food place called 'ChicKing'.

As I'm writing this, I'm sifting through folders upon folders on my computer seeing which pictures I have that would apply to this post in any way. The photos are accumulating like crazy. And for some weird reason, I think the only way to be rid of them is to post them on this blog. Who knows if one day all these posts and photos would be erased? But I'll take a chance.

Anyway, at ChicKing, I ordered a box of cheese fries that are way too overpriced (SGD$5) and a mini chicken wrap (SGD$2.50). Pretty ordinary fare.

Smelly consumed her lunch box given by her fellow ASUS promoter.
 Oh and see that water bottle there? It was given by the lady boss of AMD. More on her later. 
We had a hearty laugh over the label on the lunch box. According to Smelly, she'd consumed expired food since she started eating after 3PM. Ha!
The ASUS booths on Level 3 of Comex where Smelly is stationed at. 

Anyway, back to the lady boss. She came to me acting as a customer with too many probing questions about AMD and the laptops. Terms like 'FPS' (frame rate per second) and questions about the temperature came up. I didn't exactly suspect anything until I'd noticed the booth in-charge exchange friendly smiles and acknowledgement with her. She gave up the entire charade after she asked me to leave my name for her (still in her customer-guise) and rejected it after I gave it to her on an AMD information handout. Then passed me a Watsons bottle too. She approved my explanations and then gave me tips to improve. And before she left, she instructed me to leave the company branding on the top left corner of the shirt wide open. Now, I'm still unconsciously tucking my hand from my left side back from time to time.
My steady companions throughout my Comex days. Literally. I consulted them a number of times you would never believe and held on to them from 11AM to 9.30PM. The AMD handout is the one on the top.
A view of the ASUS booths on Level 4 where I was stationed at for 3 days. Smelly got to take this when she worked on the final day of Comex.

For the second laptop I managed to sell (priced at $1198), it was to a gamer (I think). He was asking me questions about AMD laptops good for gaming. He looked pretty familiar. Perhaps I talked to him on the first day of Comex. I'm horrible at remembering faces. An excellent example: a guy asked for an ASUS brochure from me, and I went to grab a copy near the cashier. I returned and gave it to the first guy I saw standing at the spot I left moments ago. The guy who requested the brochure looked confused and beckoned to me. Cringe. I returned to grab another copy for him after that. 

Okay, enough about Comex. It pains me to be writing about all the past experiences of working. Anyway, on the morning of my second day at Comex, my mother returned home from Bangalore, India while I was groggily slurping up noodles at 6 in the morning! She was there for a week learning some new accounting software and brought back some pretty souvenirs for me! Apparently, there were even people from Kenya and Ethiopa who joined them on the learning journey in Bangalore. Pretty awesome.
 Love the wrapper! And so beautifully wrapped too! And in it...




 A wooden elephant figurine! It's earned a permanent spot on my cluttered desk, lol.
 An I heart Bangalore tee that I requested from my mother. Somehow looks a lot different than how I wish it was. And it's friggin' huge for a size 'S'! Pretty sure if I wear it out, Becky will start talking about wearing bags again.
 Other stuff from India I got during the week!
 A pencil holder! Beautiful handiwork there!
 My mother knew I'd eat any snacks from the Singapore Airlines planes and kept these two packets for me.
 Postcards with Bangalore's sights and cultural locations. Their postcards feels like cheap, soft cardboard, but still pretty.
And finally, a letter from my penpal from Mumbai, India! She sent lots of stamps from Hungary and other places, and an empty postcard of the Queen Necklace in Mumbai. According to her, the beachline lights up at night and resembles that of a necklace, hence its name.

After work, I looked up my aunt and uncle (they go to practically every IT fair for at most 2 days each time!), and my mother came as well! We all went off to eat at Applebee's! Love the place. But we received the suckiest service that day. Possibly because there were lots of customers and we usually went late at night when there was dwindling in numbers. My mother and I shared food, and we ordered...
 A lemon basil and shrimp risotto. Creamy. But I didn't get tired of it too quickly. And the shrimp was deliciously crunchy. The cheese strips added a nice touch to the risotto too. Sorry for that lame attempt at reviewing the dish. I'm not sure if it got through to you folks.
I ordered a frost lemonade with strawberry swirl!

See, my uncle usually orders this appetizer, 'Spinach and Artichoke Dip', basically a dish of chips served with some greenish dip. Today, he cleared the dip and suddenly commented that there was PLASTIC in the dip. He didn't get too worked up about it. But if it was really plastic, then that was really dangerous. Plus he eats this most of the time since it's a vegetarian option on the menu. He consulted the waiter that there was plastic. He offered to change the dish for us but we hurriedly declined. We were already as full as hell. The manager came up and then explained to us it wasn't plastic. Just artichoke that looked like plastic because it's a really thin layer. Hilarious! But at least we hadn't been consuming plastic.

Final segment of this post! I promise! Was bored at night after Day 2 of Comex, and did a little alteration of this photo Smelly posted on Instagram...
We took this quick shot in the bathroom on Day 1 of Comex, in our uniforms!

It ended up looking like this...
I shall leave it at this.

*duck = it basically means zero as well. I kid you not. Share

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