Friday, August 31

On the Battle Ground: Comex Promoter Day One

Where do I even begin? It was an extremely long Thursday, with my first day at work as an ASUS/AMD?! promoter at Comex 2012. I've never worked at an exhibition show before (but I've been there every single time there is one so there's really no excuse) and it's only today I realised how truly tiring it is. For starters, I was walking up and down the entire day, seeking out lone souls to pour out technical specifications and features of buying a AMD APU-powered laptop under the brand of ASUS. It's all confusing really. The action of pacing back and forth gave me a headache, firstly.

Then I started to get an ache in muy stomach. Some dull pain that can't seem to go away. I've been talking too much (well, to the certain few I've selectively picked to target) and the stomach was contracting as I explained nervously to the folks. This always happens to me after an exam, after a presentation, you get my drift!

Smelly and I got some hope when we arrived in the morning (albeit wondering around lost thanks to some pretty bad instructions) and were told we were both posted to the same booth on Level 3. Then our supervisor returned and told us one of us had to go up to another booth to promote because they were shorthanded. And that was the story of how I got posted to just near the entrance of Hall 401, Level 4. It was weird, first arriving there to find my booth-in-charge was called 'Lovely', a (lovely?) Filipino woman who doesn't seem to know that much honestly. Thank God it turns out there was another in-charge whom was bombarded with questions every second when the exhibition was declared open.

Before the exhibition started, I began to identify the laptops I had to promote, solely, lonely. The other promoters in the same booth as I (the bulk of them) who were dressed in blue ASUS shirts were huddled together in a corner while their in-charged briefed them. When the exhibition began, the blue-shirts huddled all around the booths and blocking my pathway to most of the ASUS laptops I was suposed to promote (just four). There were seriously a whole lot of them, holy cow. And there was only one me. The blue-shirts were selling some of the ASUS laptops I was supposed to promote, so that was pretty harsh to notice from a distance. And at times when I successfully managed to clinch some passing visitor to stop and take a look at the laptop I was promoting, some curious eyes that originate from the blue-shirts would wander over, and one person may cut in and ask the passer-by, "How may I help you?"

My cousin visited first, then my aunt and uncle came. I explained the whole deal to them while my uncle continued to put down AMD computers. Hilarious. And one guy tried to steal from me while I was talking to my aunt and uncle. The nerve! Anyway, my uncle suggested to go while I'm working and distract the blue-shirts with his endless truckload of questions, leaving me clear to find new customers without having to worry about the swiping blue-shirts. But two of them were nice enough to chat with me, so I shall leave the unnamed two out of the 'blue-shirts' category.

Anyway, here's the tag for Comex exhibitors I got when I had to work at Level 4...

A little comic strip I'd like to think is hilarious. Smelly was beside me when this photo was taken, FYI. 

Wel, better go, it's second day into work in less than 10 hours so tata! Share

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