Wednesday, August 29


Well, save me. I haven't been diligently following through on my blog posts recently, or months before that. I've built up tons of un-posted photos on my iPad and in my folders on my Mac. As well as several drafts where I've attempted (I really have, believe me) to blog out an entire post.
I've failed miserably as you can see from the lack of posts for months now. I usually first start off uploading the pictures to my computer from my iPad, then when I've gained what little inspiration/willingness to blog, I upload those pictures to a new post. I manage to come up with as best a title I possibly can, and when the uploading of pictures take too long, I give up and lose all sense of inclination to blog. And it winds up as a 'Draft'. How annoying is that? The best method for me is probably to take it naturally (*cue Selena Gomez's single 'Naturally'), like what I'm doing now... Not exactly, I'm being inclined to blog by some not-exactly-persistent fans (is this considered bragging?)

I've missed out on too many wonderful days I've had so far without blogging, and I've probably (and will) forget what the days were like, so I'm not sure if I can manage to spill them all out of me onto the screen.

The exams have been over for several days now and my schedule's guaranteed to be packed of fun-filled days and frolicking in the sea, sand and the sun (naw I wouldn't want to get a tan). Gosh I'm already too lazy and tired to blog about the past several days.

Anyway, I'll be working for the first time in a really long while (probably my 2nd real job) at Comex 2012, for a period of three days! Smelly and I initially thought we had gotten a SingTel MioTV promoter job, since I got a call and all. The guy took several days after that and called (me, again) that there were no more available jobs for SingTel. Blisterin' barnacles! Holy mackerel! What the f***ing hell! We were told we got jobs promoting for AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) processors over the phone and training was scheduled for today. Whatever went down today for the training today is AMD confidential, so I shan't blog about it. We had to end up taking a taxi to the location where the training was held: Ubi Techpark, amidst other industrial buildings that all look so alike.

All I can say about the training today: we didn't realise we were selling laptops until Smelly asked the guy. And there were loads of really confusing information. Smelly and I got an oversized M-sized tee for the job, and it's an early morning report-to-work day tomorrow so I shall end the post pretty soon.
Here's a photo of the shirt!
Here's praying I can sell at least one unit tomorrow. Wish me luck! Share

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  1. SUCH A SHORT POST, TSK. I am sorely disappointed in you! Guess who I am? Hint *begs* hint hahaha


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