Saturday, April 7

Of Boo-Boos and Burnt Cupcakes

As usual, I'm clearing out all the photos I've hoarded in my folders, some recently, and others, way too long overdue! Bear with me on this! I've definitely got a serious problem that needs to be addressed: that photos I've EVER taken have to be posted online in a blog post. How crazy does that sound?! Sure I've known all along I'm deathly conscious of being organised and all, but could this even be close to an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, FYI)?

Moving on... (Just 'cos I don't know how I was gonna continue from that previous sentence!)

Met Beck on Monday for mainly Saybons: The French Food Factory! We were planning to do bowling or watch a movie or summat but we couldn't squeeze that all in one afternoon.

I cleverly (ha) ordered escargots first (garlic herbs flavoured!) and then a mushroom cheese crepe!
 Escargots in garlic herbs! I prefer escargots in their original, au naturel shells though! It's so much fun to dig them out of the shells. 
It came with some miniscule garlic bread!
Left: Becky's cheese crepe. Right: My mushroom cheese crepe. It's obvious which one looks a little more tastier ;)

We were waiting at the bus stop to take a bus home that day, and while waiting, we were watching repugnantly at a small snail crawling out where it's dangerous (actually, everywhere is dangerous for a small thing like a snail!). It crawled further, further out in the bus stop. Then a couple of dudes came. I witnessed the snail first being kicked. It crawled back into its shell, and stayed that way. Not too long after, that same guy stepped on the shell (and had evidently no idea of doing so). I heard that godawful crunch of the shell. It left behind a gross pile of pus-like stuff. *shudder* Both of us were really grossed out.

Beck and I ate at Fish n' Co pretty long ago. Few weeks back. Here are some long overdue snaps of our food...
 Becky's Danish Fish and Chips! The best ever! The cheese atop the fish was plain heaven. I got some Alaskan one I think. It wasn't that good.
 Chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream! With an artificial cherry! I love artificial cherries!

And below, the undesirable remains...

Some of the cupcakes I brought home from Becky's places ages ago when we baked them one spontaneous morning! One is evidently burnt! Guess which? The pink polka dot and blue striped cupcake cups are so adorable!

And now, flash forward to this morning! I forgot it was Good Friday, obviously a public holiday... and a Friday, so movie tickets were a lot more expensive. I watched Mirror, Mirror alone (for the first time too!) at the nearest cinema to my home (it wasn't that bad, except the part where I was buying "just one" ticket, according to the ticket guy who was probably purposely making me miserable by asking for and making me fish for change...). The movie wasn't as awful as I expected it to be either. But I'll probably have to watch 'Snow White & the Huntsman' first before I do any full-scale evaluation of it! 
Lily Collins was pretty awesome as Snow White! And the costumes in the movie were mad pretty and looked tons heavy!

And while we're on the topic of Snow White, here are some really awesome graphics/sketches?! of the different Disney princesses! I had no idea who the center and right princesses in the third row were, and had to google before I managed to find out. Can you identify EVERY last one of them?

I met Becks for a bit after the movie ended, then joined my mother and brother at another shopping mall for lunch! My mother bought me a screen protection and new iPad case after that! Feel so blessed.
They were both not exactly too cheap either! 

My new iPad came home to me a day after I got back from Perth! It arrived earlier actually at my mom's office! The box weighed a total of 1.4kg!

 I love unboxing gadgets.
 I took a really long time getting everything back in order with the new iPad... trasferring apps, games and stuff.
 The new iPad case!




Just kidding it's not grey at all. It's a deep orange shade, made of hard fabric material!
 Exterior. This case actually has an automatic sleep/wake function, similar to the iPad Smart Cover, even though they didn't exactly state it on the cover box...
 Interior. The grey portions you see are velvet material, and the nude shade is plastic to protect the fragile sides of the iPad!

And guess what I earned after ice-skating on Wednesday for the first time ever...
Lo and behold! What a sight!
The ice rink! I wasn't able to take any photos while we were in the rink, but now I wish i had!
1. Becks and Mells came in the same striped shirts from H&M
2. I loaned the two similar pairs of leather gloves for the ice
3. The rink was a zoo! Ducks everywhere (and by that I mean noobs on the ice like us - except Mells, she picked it up pretty fast - clinging on to dear life on the barely-there railings)!

Below are some of the souvenirs I received! Place: Kuching, Sarawak!
 Becky's pile! A magnet, wooden clip and bubblegum tape! There was an additional Hong Kong Disneyland chocolate! Love 'em!
Elaine's! Cute keyfob!

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