Friday, April 6

Of Manis, Pedis and Matryoshka Dolls

Damn I hate getting back into blogging after being off it for more than a month or so! I miss the days when I was actually disciplined enough to do daily blogging! Perhaps I'll get back into that.

More recently than ever, I've been really getting into the spirit of frequent manicures (not so much of pedis - hello, you can't ever see them!) Here are the ones I did for the past month!

China Glaze's 'Papaya Punch' (Orange) from the Island Escape Collection and China Glaze's 'Kiwi Cool-ada' (Green)! The latter one left a matte finish. I love matte, really. Which was why I bought...
 A matte finisher by Essie!
 Essie's 'Matte About You' with China Glaze's 'Love Marilyn' from the Eye Candy Collection!
 I heart matte!

And I finally received my polishes I ordered nearly a month ago from Becks, when I got back from Perth, Australia! 

 Ordered it from a blogshop, Beauty So Fly! The prices are super affordable!
 China Glaze's Hunger Games Capitol Colours Collection (I blogged about this previously!) 
Left to Right: Riveting, Luxe & Lush, Stone Cold, Dress Me Up
 It was super difficult removing three layers of CG's Love Marilyn completely. All that glitter was an irritant!
 Started off with CG's Dress Me Up first.
 Then added CG's Luxe & Lush, the awesome flakie top coat!
 Final product! 
I was too lazy to scrape the glitter from the previous pedi off my big toes. Added CG's Riveting and Stone Cold to my small toes! Looks pretty weird, but who cares?

And while we're on the subject of The Hunger Games... I got into the newly released Facebook game, 'The Hunger Games Adventures' today! The graphics were pretty awesome, and it just mainly revolves around doing small chores (or quests) here and there, all while following a pretty interesting storyline that non-readers of The Hunger Games books or non-watchers of The Hunger Games movie will get.

 Nooo! Service maintenance! I hate that! I kept refreshing all the way waiting for the game to start up again...
Some screenshots of my progress in the game. Shown here: Forest Escape!
Shown here: The Justice Building, with some Peacekeepers, Katniss and Gale! (I originally thought I would be playing Katniss, so I dressed my character up like her. Bummer.)
Check out this awesome cartoon by Hilaritron! Its owner, Jason, has cleverly weaved TWENTY Hunger Games names into this cartoon. Readers of The Hunger Games trilogy, can you spot all of them?
(Double-click to view it a little better!)
JSYK, I was only able to find 16 of 'em...

On to Matryoshka/Babushka dolls! They are basically Russian nesting dolls (4 more are hidden inside this big wooden doll!). In fact, the dolls are considered to be a fertility symbol, to represent the future generations (Babushka means 'old women' in Russian!)

I saw it lying on the desk in my mother's office one day and I just took some snaps of it! Someone in her office apparently went to Moscow and got this along with some Russian vodka and chocolates!

 Bring on the next doll!
 ...And the next!

 The complete set!
34 Euros! That's pretty expensive...
 Tried one of the Russian chocolates! It was pretty good!

 An assortment of chocolates!
My mother brought me out to lunch one day and I had some real good pasta, clear soup and scones! Loved the pink whipped cream!

And below are some of the completed works for the office's events coming up in April... I had some part in designing then (and designing, and then again...), albeit multiple and countless times! They were all polished by a more professional designer, and then printed!

A painting in the office. Purrrrrdy!

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