Monday, February 1

First Proper Post ever!

I've revived, revamped, and restructured my blog just 2 days ago - an entire makeover with a vintage layout and some other widget-ing crap, out of boredom on the Internet what with my first, COMPLETED site being done, save for the regular updates here and there of course. Anyway, since this blog won't be so dormant any longer, I'll be posting regularly, reviewing the updates of my site And at the final line of every post, I'll throw in a random quote by famous peeps, dead or not.

Anyway, as I was refurbishing (is this a right word to use?) this blog, adding little gadgets and whatnot on the sidebars, I looked at assorted posts back in the day (like, 4 years ago) I'd posted on this blog. Boy, was my spelling all cranked up and my writing style was absolutely atrocious. You can just tell the difference.

Since it's time for me to go, to catch a short rest before I've to work as my mother's assistant for a measly salary in a few hours, I'd leave you with a cute picture of bunnies in mugs and the promised quote!

"On the plus side, death is one of the few things that can be done just as easily lying down."
-Woody Allen
xoxo ♡♡

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