Monday, February 1

The Birth of a New Hamst(era)!

I may not be the first person to have thought of writing a book about hamsters, but still, I doubt anyone's written about hamsters being 'stalked' -which is exactly what the storyline to my novel follows! I've based this story on my two hamsters and from personal experiences with them. Of course, it would not be entirely a replica of true life. In fact, it would be written in the hamsters' point of view! I'm dead sure it would be more thrilling to read than from the ordinary human drag perspective. It would include pictures taken of the real hamsters and illustrations as well!

I've decided not to write out this novel on paper, since I pretty much spend most of my time on the net these days - i'd type it out on a blog rather. Anyway, the whole process of writing it out would be pretty slow, seeing as I don't feel up to it at times, or get the occasional writer's block...

But do check back regularly on the novel, 'Stalking Hams' official blog:
I've included links, too-cute hamster pictures, videos and more on the blog as well.

Other Hamster published works to check out:
  • The Literary Hamster, George - A Literary Genius! Read extracts and more information of this hamster's books here.
  • The Rodent Weekly - Hamster media for those who want to catch up on hamster dirt and news! Strictly 100% hamster owned!
  • Cafe Bongo Hamster Tales - A great read, about a family as they adjust to their new life with hamsters. Hilarious!
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"You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty."

- Sacha Guitry
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