Thursday, February 4

Egyptian Immortality

Special post segment on the recent Ancient Egyptian museum exhibit I visited twice earlier in the year! I went to one with my mother and brother, and again while supposedly job-hunting with Bec.touuui! They showed ancient, REAL statues of the old Pharaohs and some other unidentifiable ones, Rameses among others. Here are some I dared to take, no Flash of course:

All right, so I only found three kinds of statues which didn't look like they could haunt me in my sleep! What was worse was that there actually were people who were DUMB enough (no offence) to take snapshots of a REAL mummy, laying there behind a giant glass display in rotted pink bandages and linen fabric. All I can wish for these idiots is that the Pharaoh's Curse can't travel through air to exhibitions like these.

There was one particular other statue that scared the living daylights outta me. It had a humongous head, just the head. Its eyes held just ancient plaster, sunken in, and dark. Naturally, I wouldn't have taken a picture for it to be posted here...

Anyway, the exhibition was filled with the way Egyptians lived and lots of tomb sacred stuff! Such as these:
ABOVE: Magnified - A Relief Fragment from Sharuna Temple

Here are some more pictures I took, just for the fun of it, modern duplicated Egyptian wall art! The red images are a little too creepy for comfort though! Sorry if they might be a little too dark. No flash photography, remember?

"No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately."

   - Michel de Montaigne


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