Wednesday, February 10

Funny Signs, and a Day of Firsts

Gonna be a pretty long post, this one is, so bear with moi a fraction of time. I assure you that this is not gonna be some long, boring ol' wives' tale! Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Today, I cracked the codes of more Blogger stuff (not really)! Tutorials from here were really helpful too! Made my first Blogger grab buttons, and made FavIcons (they appear in your tabs instead of the dreary Blogger icons!), although I'm still trying to suss out how to allow Email Contact Forms to appear on the sidebar without going off page! Here are some samples of the hard WORK I've been through today! You can view my freshly made buttons in the sidebar as well.

BELOW: I took an empty label, and added in Text from Picnik! This ended up as my 'Email' contact label!
AFTER: It's one of my Link Buttons now. Grab it - thanks for the support!
ABOVE: Added some text as well! Love this button!
ABOVE: This is a button for my other blog - a novel blog. My hamsters were so adorable back then as well!

Anyways, enough with all the blab talk of blog designing! It's turning into some modern versh of an old wives' tale after all...

To add to my Day of Firsts, I tried a cinnamon granola bar whilst in the middle of working as my mother's assistant. Fell in LOVE with it at first bite! Though I'd bet if I start living on them, I'd require dentures several years earlier.

Some funny signboards here! Sure to crack you up, tickle your funny bone, and anything else. If you don't, well... YOU'RE A ZOMBIE, VOID OF ANY EMOTIONS! Apologies for the Caps Lock there. Anyway, there're just four so... You be the judge.

ABOVE: And that's a 'SIGN' right there!
ABOVE: You reckon dogs are able to read street signs, then?
ABOVE: Apparently, 'TRASH' means something else...
ABOVE: Seriously? That's a harsh price to pay.

Quote of the Day
"Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye."

- Helen Keller
Adios world!


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