Tuesday, February 9

Universally Cool

I recently took several pictures of galaxies in space, and some stars. Thought I might share it here, since I pretty much have gotten back used to blogging. I get HOOKED easy.

ABOVE: This is a Butterfly Nebula, since this structure is shaped just like one! Sorry for the line running straight through the picture! These pictures are taken from the National Geographic mag!
ABOVE: This is some kind of galaxy...

ABOVE: Massed stars Omega Centauri Globular cluster. I just love that they look so much like glitter in a night sky!

Pictures courtesy of National Geographic.

Well, I'm going off to enjoy a good novel/magazine read now. Perhaps the good ol' Bible...

Since this is a Space segment spesh, the quote's gonna revolve around it too:

"Time and Space are modes by which we think, and not conditions by which we live."
- Albert Einstein

So Adieu!

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