Thursday, February 4


Trying to set a long-lasting record now of daily posts on this blog! So I'll faithfully, and hopefully, keep to it! Thank friggin' goodness I got out of having to work at my mother's office today, somehow! I may get fair salary for the HARD work, but it's even harder taking all modes of transportation to get there! More importantly, I could miss American Idol and Glee!

Speaking of AI, the auditions this year are so much more funnier! The most hilarious recent audition was the one in Denver, with the final contestant of the day, Bikini-Boy, who prepared to sing Billy Ray Cyrus' 'Achy-Breaky Heart'! Before he could even finish, all four judges (including Victoria Beckham) left! He was just standing there and speaking aloud to himself, "They'd come back right?" And the end credits start rolling. LOL.

Anyway, just had such a major scare. I accessed my OTHER blog, Stalking Hams and the sidebars went all wrong! They ended up BELOW the blog posts, instead of being next to them! Had a field day cleaning up that mess. Possibly happened 'cos I messed with the HTML too much. Created a brand new blog and transferred the stuff over. Phew, thank God!

Saw this display picture in a forum, thought I'd share it here!

I'm outie. Here's the quote promised:

"MacDonalds in Tokyo is a terrible revenge for Pearl Harbour."
                             - Sl Hayakawa


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