Thursday, March 4

Marvelous Ceilings

Oddly enough, yep, this is a post about ceilings (mostly!). I found some really nice ones while I was in the Resorts World when I first went there with my 'cuz. It was newly opened and all, so there were not many people around. The casinos were pretty much ready for opening, but not yet. Speaking of, I probably can't enter there till 3 years later, but I honestly don't feel deprived or anything. After all, they say gambling is ADDICTIVE! Anyway, on to ceilings (that sounded really strange). I took a few snaps of these rather pretty ceilings. They were pretty high off. My camera-phone had no Zoom either.
ABOVE: Bad quality, sorry for that
ABOVE: This is actually the similar ceiling to the one on the top, if you didn't notice that. Lots of light displays in there too! Love it!
ABOVE: All right, so this ain't a ceiling, but this towering statue of an elephant is still pretty MARV!
ABOVE: This pretty, majestic ceiling was taken from a National Museum in Singapore! It was so high o_o

I took a picture of this ad for girl-needs from a magazine and added my own words to the 'sleeping mask'! Love the teeth of the 'munk/squirrel. Seriously, I can't tell the difference between the two cuties!

Also, my mother recently made a cup of hot chocolate for me, a second round! The first looked nicer, with that design which usually appears on quality coffee, but it was WAAAAAAAY bitter! She'd put too much cocoa powder in that one. The second one she made was much nicer, since she added sugar in that.
ABOVE: This was the bitter one. Flawless design made by my mother!
ABOVE: Hot chocolate-y goodness!
"All alone! Whether you like it or not, alone is something you'll be quite a lot."
- Dr. Seuss
(Personal Note: You could say that again!)

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