Wednesday, March 3

Amazing Shadow Puppets and a Music Video

I found this while poppin' around on YouTube pages. This was by far the most AH-MAZING shadow performance I've ever seen! This shadow puppeteer extraordinaire use just his hands, a spotlight and a classic hit tune for this most entertaining show! Enjoy the video below:

Wonderful World Shadow Puppet by Raymond Crowe

Speaking of shadows, my brother and I used to do shadow shows, in the dark (obvs!) when we were supposed to be in bed, waaaay back then when we were much more on speaking terms. We would take a torch (we still have it, the similar one) which recharges when you shake the battery in it (pretty cool, no idea how that works!); and then place it on the bedside shelf of our bunk bed and just attempt some shadowplay with some sort of story, besides the rather easy seagull and butterfly. We got tired of it pretty fast though... And till this day, all I can do is a seagull, butterfly, and a dog/wolf. Wowza.

I absolutely loved this music video by Sia, an Aussie songstress! Way creative and quirky, this video is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face! Here it is:

'You've Changed' - Sia

A quote about shadows: 
"I have come to believe that there are infinite passageways out of the shadows, infinite vehicles to transport us into the light."
- Martha Beck 

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