Tuesday, March 16

New Blog in the Making!

I just created a new blog a couple of hours ago, since I was pretty bored working in my mother's office! It's gonna be a blog design thingy, with tutorials, layouts, blog freebies such as buttons and blinkees, and more! However, it's currently undergoing major construction! Click here to see ©x3AlyyyKay™  Productions Blog Boutique!

ABOVE: A picture of my blog layout! Credits: Shabby Blogs

And I made this new grab button(enlarged!) below.


ABOVE: This was how it's supposed to look like! But I'm still working on it. It's blurry 'cos I enlarged it!

Anyway, I got my first Macbook Pro today! It's 13"! It's so AWESOME getting my very own laptop! I've yet to try it out though. So here are some pictures of it!
So when my mother and I got home, my brother took the Macbook and opened it pretty roughly. My mother scolded him right there and then and he left the box (with the computer still in it) standing, unstable on the table! My mother nearly wrecked the Macbook too in the process of being infuriated. Damn it.

And when my brother unplugged the CPU to the desktop monitor, my mother got so angry too she kicked the CPU and that nearly got spoilt too -.- *Sigh*

"Music: the greatest good that mortals know, and all of heaven we have below."
- Joseph Addison

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