Monday, March 15

Horror of Horrors - my memory card WIPED out!

God damn it. I'm FREAKIN' out, and there's something TECHNICALLY WRONG on Twitter so I can't vent there for now! I hope they fix things up there soon. I'm dying without tweetin'! Anyway, I was just tinklin' around with the apps and stuff on my new phone, and I couldn't hell find my images from my stored memory card I'd inserted in the phone. Then, somewhere this pop-up went 'Reformat memory card?' and i clicked 'OK' since I didn't exactly know what 'formatting' was then. Then, all my photos, vids, and music tracks went MISSING after!! I hadn't saved the vids and music on the computer too! Damn damn damn! I had videos from the Avril Lavigne concert (first one I ever went to), and pictures of my two hamsters, Mochi and Pudding and more, and the music tracks for my exam pieces! Darn. I hope my teacher doesn't erupt if I ask for those tracks again :x She scares me to death (not so literally!). Feel like screaming when I think about all the stuff I lost! Just my effin' luck.

All right, Twitter's back on track! *Phew* Thank goodness I'd saved pictures of my hamsters beforehand. It's too bad I didn't do so for my videos and music. Oh well, I'd consider this a lesson learnt. Too bad it was the HARD WAY! Anyway, on with the disaster, I went to that computer fair again after my music lesson! I got a 4GB thumbdrive, a G-CUBE pink USB mouse, a laptop mini desk you can bring around with ya (handy for couch potatoes and techies like me). Pretty cool load in! My phone had started working properly too - I can go online! But YouTube and Twitter doesn't work -.- What junk!

My 2 uncles and 2 aunts joined us for dinner, and my baby cousin came along. I'm starting to warm up to her (get this, i don't usually like kids much).  She ate some of my rice when she kept clamouring for it! And when I didn't notice her, she shot me this look, her eyebrows curved together sort of angrily! Cool kid. My mother got me a box of macaroons (macarons), too. Pictures sometime later, when I start eating it! Anyway, I'm in an awfully bad mood now, so I'll stop here!
ABOVE: This is a cool pledge!

Well, I've started eating one macaroon, so here are some of the pictures I took in less than a minute!

Here's a cool quote I found today:

"Have you ever met someone who threw a temper mantrum? Yes, you read right. A MANTRUM. The ones guys throw when their egos get hurt?"
- @wow_trees on Twitter 

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