Sunday, March 14

Day of the Crowds and Techie Stuff

Today had been an absolutely exhausting day out and about! I went to my prospective school to pick out an Apple Macbook (compulsory for my course!) with my mother, went home and stayed there couple more hours, and only left home in the evening for a computer fair! We took two buses, which took almost forever to come! Those drivers are just itching to get a good punch from moi. Kiddin'! Anyway, I was on the first bus, standing. When my mother and brother got down, I didn't know that was the stop, and I continued looking down at my feet. When the bus paused there for quite some time, I finally looked up and saw my mother pounding at the exit door of the bus. Embarrassing much?

My mother kept insisting I get my Macbook from the computer fair, instead of from the school, cos it's a hundred bucks cheaper or something. Pretty annoying. But it's such a pity most of the Macbooks are made out of an aluminium body, and it's all silver. I'd have preferred white plastic! But that was the most basic, cheapest one. Still, at least the silver was all smooth! My mother decided to go back Monday night to buy it. Can't wait! Eeeeeeeeeeeep!

My Aunt and Uncle joined us at the computer fair. Didn't manage to get any Apple accessories for my future-Macbook since my mother stayed all night talking to sales people about cellphone plans and all that jazz. Turns out I even got a new phone in the end, and I sold off my old one! Was so not expecting that... I wondered how that old cell managed to be traded in though... The hang-up button was jacked, and so was the camera button for taking shots. The latter became the 'OFF' button when my uncle had operated on the phone days ago too! Oh well.

Here's a picture of my new phone! It's a Samsung Corby Pro, and it's shaped like a Sidekick, just without the two plastic sides, and it folds out to reveal keyboard-like keys! Looooove it so much. I'll try not to drop it now. That was how my previous phone got spoiled in less than 2 years. Bother. I ain't a real big fan of Samsung phones though.

After the whole episode, we went for a midnight dinner at a roadside 'cafe'. The food was pretty okay, considering the conditions they were cooked in. Yuk yuk (taken from Reggie in the 'Archie' comics). Anyway, there was this stray cat (the poor thing!) and it stared right at me while I was eating! It's eyes were so big, it seemed like the cat was attempting that 'puppy-dog' face! It'd BLUE irises too! Wow. I hope it leads a better life on the streets. Amen. 

"Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy."
- Steven Wright

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