Saturday, March 13

Tokyo Talk

It's just gonna be plain ol' text! Anyway, I get to go to Tokyo, Japan in less than a month, for the very first time! April 3rd, in fact! And I get to stay there till the 13th. But unfortch, right after it's school again. Bother! I get the chance to even go to Nippon (a.k.a Japan) in the first place since my mother's company paid expenses and air fare and all for her to teach a Japanese woman called Yoko stuff. But that's in boring territory, so I ain't gonna go there.

Anyway, I'm so hoping I get to buy a kimono/yukata (traditional Japanese robes!), take a dip in a hot spring near the mountains, explore Harajuku Street, and eat authentic Japanese sushi! But it's gonna be tough WANTING things in Japan. It's so frickin' expensive! Apparently, 1000 Yen is worth a lot. So's the transportation and food. It's no wonder Japan has a high standard of living (I think), after Switzerland!

My Aunt's following me and my Mom, so we had to settle for Delta Airlines! Bummer. But still, without her, I'd be stuck in the hotel room or roaming the hotel grounds for four whole days! My brother couldn't go too, since he has school. Thank goodness. He's a helluva riot.

We get to go on a one-day trip to Mt. Fuji too, the world-famous dormant volcano (after Mt. Everest, obvs)! I can hardly wait. But between those 10 days, I doubt I can go online much, since I probably can't bring my own Macbook (which I'm ordering tmrw! Yayyers), even though most hotels in Japan has free wireless in rooms! Mine does! :D I really want to go to this theme park really far-out from Tokyo too. The Sylvanian Village! Here are some pictures of the place. It looks like it's situated in a countryside. It looks real PRETTY and scenic! Plus, I collect tons of the Sylvanian toys so I'm stoked to get there!
Anyway, I've just changed my Twitter background!

"Don't drink and park, accidents cause people "
- Confucius

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