Friday, March 12

Eclipse, Blinkies and Ke$ha

I'm so psyched for the official release of the 'Eclipse' trailer and movie (Jun 30th 2010, BTW!) that I check YouTube or some other video sharing sites almost EVERY HOUR! Pretty pathetic, I know. But the good news is, an official trailer is up! However, I doubt this will be the final one before the actual premiere, since this is only a minute plus long... Looove and anticipate Eclipse below! I'm pretty happy Dakota Fanning, who acts as Jane, one of the vampire royalty, Volturi, appeared in this particular bit!

Twilight saga: Eclipse Theatrical Trailer

Anyway, I was pretty bored when I woke from a pretty looong sleep and I got to learning how to make a Blinkie, through tutorials and all. First and foremost, a Blinkie is like a blog button, just that the words don't appear together! They move! Again, I'll start making these tuts (tutorials) when I find the time! I successfully made my first Blinkie after an hour or so! Here's the fruit of my labour, I made it for my novel-blog! I'm pretty proud of it.

gif maker

Credits goes to: Picnik, Photobucket, Picasion, Paisely Cat Blog Design, Easy Custom Blogs

I came across this HILARIOUS article, titled '12 WAYS TO MAKE A KE$HA'. In case, you don't know who Ke$ha is, she's a recent, popular singer who belts out cool tunes about boys, beer and partying. Not a cool role model for kids, I know. But it's just hard not to want to listen to her songs over and over again till you get real sick of it and it would be the worst punishment for you to have her songs on repeat later on. Whew. If I'd just said that last sentence out loud, I'd have stopped breathing halfway through!

Start with some Taylor Swift and add...
The above is only a screenshot! To view the rest of the list, click HERE!

Check out a music video of Ke$ha's, 'Tik Tok'!

And here's a reason why she might not be the best influence ever...

Noah Cyrus, li'l sis to Miley Cyrus, is only 9 (I think), and she's belting out a song about being wasted (Ke$ha's Tik Tok)?!

"Shut up brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip!"
- Homer Simpson


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