Thursday, March 11

Eclipse 10-second Preview and Countdown!

This is gonna be a short one about the most awaited movie of 2010 - Eclipse, of the Twilight saga! Can't believe there's finally a short clip from the actual movie (and not some stupid crap people put scenes together from the previous films and called it an official 'Eclipse' trailer)! Watch the 10 second preview Summit Entertainment has released below. The full, official trailer comes out tomorrow! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Can't wait! I also included a special Eclipse movie countdown widget at the bottom for you to grab! Simply click the 'Grab' button at the corner of the widget and there appears a bunch of sharing options and a code embed! The 'News' at the bottom right of the widget shows all the latest buzz about the Twi-stars!

"I smile because I don't know what the hell is going on."
- Anonymous 

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