Monday, March 8

Paramore Love! ❤

So Becky and I just went to Paramore's concert just a couple of hours ago! We got that cool concert memorabilia tee for just 40 bucks! Awesoooome! But there were some friggin' smokers in line while we were queuing as well. Grossss people. Here's a snap of the shirt we both got (it was unisex, so it was rather BIG):
ABOVE: So love the graphics on the shirt!
ABOVE: And a picture of the concert flyer!

ABOVE: Take a listen to the music by Paramore! Love this music vid most!

We went for dinner at Brewerkz! Loved the food and beverages there, except I'd ordered WAAAY too much! We barely made a dent in the nachos! Bec ordered ginger ale (which was all fizzy awesome-ness) and a brownie. I got fruit punch and a chocolate fudge cake and the nachos. We shared the costs of a Margherita pizza. I couldn't finish my cake in the end. Pity.  It was so exy too! We spent half our time laughing at other customers (i.e. the dainty eaters at the table diagonal to ours). While I was carefully eating my slice of pizza with lots of mozzarella grated cheese loaded onto it, she cracked a joke of some other customers around us. I snorted, and the cheese flew everywhere. In my fruit punch, in her can of ginger ale, and all over the table. We gotta be the messiest eaters right there and then! Here are some shots we took before we dug in!
               ABOVE: Ginger Ale and Fruit Punch!
ABOVE: The nachos, with sour cream added. Had to get these packed by the staff and taken home! They got all soft later!
     ABOVE: The Margherita pizza. Yum. Basil Leaves.
ABOVE: My Choco Fudge Cake! You get nauseous if you eat this too quickly. Still, great chocolate here!
ABOVE: Brownie. Becky reckons the icecream is too little! I took the artificial cherry! Love 'em.

"Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that's twice as big as it needs to be."
- George Carlin


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