Saturday, March 6

I Thank My Lucky Stars!

Oh. My. God. I won in a giveaway competition for the very first time EVER! What's more, I'd entered it on a whim. I won a pair of tickets to a preview screening to the movie based on the awesome book by Alice Sebold, 'The Lovely Bones'! I'd been dying to watch it ever since last year, and you wouldn't BELIEVE how many times I'd watched its trailer already! I've included the trailer below! I'd also entered the one winning a pair of tickets to watch 'Alice in Wonderland'. Didn't win that one. Still, I'm so lucky enough to win these! And I'd invited my friend, Becky to watch it with moi! 

I'd finished reading 'The Lovely Bones' just a month ago. And I just looove the storyline! Read the 2nd picture below for my rating and description of the book! Hopefully the movie's just as good as the book...

ABOVE: My winning tickets!
ABOVE: This section came from my other blog!
'The Lovely Bones' Theatrical Trailer:

This is a quote by the author of 'The Lovely Bones':
"Murderers are not monsters, they're men. And that's the most frightening thing about them."
- Alice Sebold


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