Saturday, March 6

Put a Ring On It!

Went out shopping for a bit during lunch! My cousin had this new boyfriend (probably the twentieth or so, and counting...!) who went away on a business trip to Macau investigating diamonds (yep, really) at a mere age of 20. So she was ranting all her troubles (friends and boys) to yours truly. It's tough paying attention when you never had a boyfriend once in your life, or had that many friends. Still, I tried! We went round looking at shops in a mall nobody really went. She picked out a pair of couple rings and I picked one out for myself! It turned out to be sooo loose I had to wear it on my thumb and it still keeps trying to fall off. Here's it:
ABOVE: The rings we got! Mine's obvs the weird-shaped ring in a rusty brown color. The couple rings are black.

While coming across this fave joke of the day today on Twitter, I came across this really cool, but meaningful picture on its background!
ABOVE: Obvs, this is the joke. S'ok, I didn't get it the first time either!
ABOVE: And this was the picture on the background! This totally describes the phrase 'A wolf in sheepskin!' Amazing!

I'd just watched a re-run of the latest American Idol results show! It's down to a rather disappointing 16 contestants, some who ain't even "worthy" to continue in there! I'm not gonna name names, since I might just gets warnings of 'meetings' in court, or haters spamming my inbox the next day. Still, I'm pretty bummed that John Park was the first to leave in this one! Shania Twain mightn't have been too wrong about him *swoon* So glad Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens got through too. It was kinda sad to see Haeley Vaughn (spelling?!) crying as she sung 'The Climb' by Miley for the final time too. Hopefully, the show gets better from here on out. 

Here's the #1 quote of all time!
"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

- Sam Keen, from To Love and Be Loved

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