Saturday, April 17

American Idol Elimination and Softwares

Okay, woke up extra early again today (good practice, I guess, since a new school term is starting...) and surfed the net for a bit. And I wasn't exactly woken up with all that classics you heard about... Not the chirping birds or roosters cockadoodling (spelling?!) on a roof, nor the alarm clock! Oh, no. My covers were yanked up from me and I got pulled and yelled at (into my ears) by my Gran. Not the sweetest way to start a new day...

Met up with Beck to go for some software top-up thing in our new school for our Macbook Pros. It was supposed to go on like an hour, or even longer! But we left the room in just less than fifteen! Turns out the guy only helped us install some anti-virus software and Microsoft Office. 2008!! Couldn't find the exact location where he said we were supposed to do this update for Microsoft thing again after he hell cancelled it. 

After that, we went scouting for places we could hang out (alone) during lunch breaks in the future. But TBH, it'll probably just be me needing to go to these places without looking like a loner. We seeked out a convenience store with tons of various goods (pens to try out especially) and the library! 

I underestimated their library, it's sooo much more comfy and bigger than the one at my old school. They have cable TV (Just the educational ones -.-) and magazines and more importantly, BOOKS! So I s'pose that'll be like my second home during breaks, aside from the loo. Don't go sniggering now!

Anyways, this might already be sorta old news, but hey, it only just happened this week, so I'm in the clear :) American Idol booted two contestants just this Wednesday, 'cos Michael Lynche got that 'Save' a week ago. I hadn't watched that seeing I was in Japan, but I found a way to find out anyway. Through Twitter!! It can be hell useful at times. So, those two that got eliminated were Andrew Garcia, and much as I hate to admit it, much less type it out; Katie Stevens. She's probably my fave pick, besides Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus! 

I wasn't too psyched about her elimination. That Garcia guy? Not so much. Used to think he would get far in Idol (he did), but after I found out a little something about him, not so much! I'm not gonna say exactly what THAT is, but let's just say his glasses send me into a mountain of stitches. 

Got the picture below from a Katie Stevens fan!

"The truly brave man is not the man who does not feel fear but the man who overcomes it."
- H.G. Wells

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