Thursday, April 15

Outcast, again!

It's the start of a new school, and a new term. And I just found out my friend went to a different class from me. Great. Just my luck. I'm not gonna rant a lot about this, or I might just jinx it even more. Me being the not-so-sociable person that I am, it's sooo HARD to introduce yourself to people in your class whom already know each other and have formed groups amongst themselves! Forcing yourself into their group is gonna earn you haters too. This sucks.

Even though some of them made the effort to ask my name and introduce themselves and offer me a Subway cookie, I doubt this would last long... I'd still be alone during lunch breaks! Crappers. Hopefully it gets better along the way. But I highly doubt it!

Okay, the picture above shows the most famous and *ahem* sexiest man alive currently, Robert Pattinson, also known as the sparkly vamp Edward Cullen! Think he's really letting fangirls crowd around him while just standing there? Think again! It's actually a wax figure of the vege vampire of the worldwide phenomenon, Twilight! This is as CLOSE as you'll ever get to Rob, girls! The wax statue was launched at two sites of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! Here's what spokeswoman Liz Edwards had to say:
'R-Patz is one of the hottest celebs on the planet. We are delighted to be able to give them (the fans) the chance to cosy up with their idol here at Madame Tussauds and, judging by the reactions of the first to meet him here this morning, he is set to top our most-kissed list of celebrities very quickly.'

"In talking, shyness and timidity distort the very meaning of my words. I don't pretend to know anybody well. People are like shadows to me and I am like a shadow."

- Gwen John

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