Friday, April 2

Day of the Last-Minute Packing

Well, today's Easter and I've got 3 chocolate eggs to prove it! ;DDD Anyway, this is gonna be a short post since I still have lots of packing to do for my trip to Tokyo tmrw morning, and I'm barely even started! I sure hope my brother don't go a step near to my hamsters, Mochi & Pudding and kill them off or something. Or that my Gran would remember to change their water and feed them each day! I'd be gone for TEN days! So hopefully nothing bad happens then. *Praying fervently*

And even though it's Spring in Japan, temperatures are still mild, ranging around 13-18 degrees Celcius, so I've to bring many long-sleeved shirts. Dang, I don't particularly like long sleeves much now! At least, I'd be bringing my PINK scarf! I love it so! And I hope we don't get lost over there, since we're going 'round free & easy! I'll try my best to blog from Tokyo, and post pictures I've taken! There's free wireless connection in the hotel rooms, so hopefully that'd work!

Since it's Easter, I took some time to seek out cute and adorable themed pictures and graphics! Enjoy!

ABOVE: Cute artwork!
ABOVE: This looks like it came from a Microsoft clipart...
ABOVE: Signifying the Big Man himself who made it all happen!
ABOVE: Cute lop-eared rabbits. Always wanted one of these!
ABOVE: Chicky Easter!
ABOVE: Don't get this? Contact me.

"The story of Easter is the story of God's wonderful window of divine surprise."
- Carl Knudsen


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