Friday, April 2

Happy April Fools' Day: PRANKED!

It's April Fools' Day! I haven't exactly tried out any pranks on my fam or friends yet, but most probably not. But the worst (and most extraordinarily funny) part is, I got PRANKED instead! I was texting Beck and I asked her if she'd any pranks thought up and reminded her (sort of) it was April Fools' today. I went all: "Hey it's April Fools'! ;) " Guess the joke was on ME when thought up a quick hoax to fool me with. And boy did I fall for her prank! She was due to go to Hong Kong the following day, and she went really realistically:"My HK trip is cancelled at the last minute! I got all excited for nothing... I should just die now." Anyone would fall for it, right? So I replied with an appropriate tension and asking lots of 'why's. It didn't even dawn on me it would be some master prank! The funny part is, if I hadn't told her it was April Fools' today, I wouldn't even have been pranked since she had forgotten it was. Crappers! Now, I'm gonna have a daily reminder of my 'hilarious' reaction to her prank.  Gahhh!

Anyway, are YOU a fan of Justin Bieber, the fastest-growing teen phenomena who got discovered on YouTube by Usher? If you are, check out the cool hilarious vid below! Justin Bieb takes over and bought the 'Funny or Die' site! Now, it's 'Bieber or Die!'

Anyways, just created a new Twitter account apart from my @x3alyyykay one! It's called @xakProductions! Clearly stands for x3AlyyyKay Productions. Couldn't come up with anything great for other Twitter usernames. I'll post stuff related to my blog posts, Stalking Hams novel-blog and blog design stuff for my blog boutique! And more...

Ain't a lengthy post today. Pretty exhausted from the work at my Mother's office and all the packing I gotta do for Saturday morning! Can't BELIEVE how time flies! Hopefully I'd be able to blog and tweet while in Tokyo, Japan each day. I'll try! After all, I gotta keep up to my daily blog post promise! Some words of wisdom below specially for April Fools' Day! Ciaooo xx
"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
- Abraham Lincoln

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