Sunday, April 25

Sunday Schmunday

Okay only gonna post about my day today. That's all. Anyways, I had my music lesson today. Pretty much got scolded for not knowing how to play the piece with a 6/8 time signature. Crap. But I got a recording for that, so I'll work on it! I'd hate it if I'd to revert to another exam piece 'cos I suck at it!

I went to look for my mother at the shopping mall nearby after. Ate at Long John Silver's, and ordered a Shrimp Cheese wrap (removed the tomatoes) and Clam Chowder! Yummers! We went on the prowl for a pair of black sports shorts later. I'd to have one for my badminton class for the next 11 weeks! Goddamn it. We start from the basics too. Golly. We aren't even supposed to know what we're doing either, so I'll have to pretend I completely suck at it tomorrow. I found a good deal at Converse! For 17 bucks! It wasn't too short either, so that's swell. 

Then we went to a large Japanese store, all items at only 2 bucks each! I got this really cool ice popsicle maker (with a straw to siphon off the melted ice!) and a iron-on no-smoking sign! My mother got loads of pegs. -.- 

Then, we went to an electronics store to get the similar vacuum cleaner we already had for 89 bucks. Took a taxi home! All righty, already exhausted from today. Reliving it through a blog  post makes it all the more worse, so I ain't gonna do this much! Ciaooo xx

"Stretch Marks are the badge of a real woman." 
- The Movie "For Keeps"

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