Monday, April 26

My First Ice Popsicle!

Okay my ice popsicles I created finally froze up properly when I checked today! Made two - one out of chocolate milk and another out of coke! Haven't tried the chocolat milk one yet. But the coca-cola one was AWESOME! Here are the snaps I took!
ABOVE: Guess which ice pop is made out of coke?
ABOVE: Yep, the orange one.
The plastic straw at the side is a pretty cool invention. I wish I'd thought of THAT! 

Had another awful day at school. The first two periods were pretty all right, I s'pose. We had to construct a roller coaster out of huge construction paper and glue and tape and straws and sticks. Not EASY! Ours went all slanted and the marble (which is supposed to act as the coaster) kept halting in different places. Compared to the rest, ours pretty much sucked. No offence.  I won't put up the picture of our model since that's privacy - sorta.

Next came freakin' badminton. We started all from the basics. I hope I won't be late next time. I'd have to go for make-up class when I'm considered absent. That stinks. The teacher acted all fierce and strict. He really is. Mean too. I'm pretty sure I'll end up hating badminton after this whole charade ends. Soon, I hope.

"Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself." 

- St. Francis de Sales

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