Tuesday, May 11

Alice Accessory Lovin'!

Found this awesome online store through Twitter which sells the best vintage accessories, more particularly - Alice in Wonderland! Looove 'em! So I'm gonna just post and magnify some of my top faves up here! Hopefully I could order one of these. They've got everything - from rings to charm necklaces and bracelets and cufflinks! The Alice themed ones are all my favourites!! The prices I've listed here are in British pound sterling. The site offers USD and Euro as well! Click here to access the site! 
ABOVE: 'Alice & the Ace Cards Charm Necklace', valued at £ 17.99. This beautiful vintage illustration by Arthur Rackham from Alice in Wonderland shows Alice with a pack of cards flying at her. It is encased in glass for a high quality, enduring finish. Click here for more info/to purchase!

ABOVE: 'Alice in Wonderland locket with DRINK ME glitter vial bottle', valued at £ 24.99. This quirky locket and charm necklace illustrated by Tenniel features 3 beautifully detailed charms themed around her adventures in Wonderland and the finding of the magical bottle with the liquid which made her shrink! PLUS the locket is fully openable so you can store a photograph of your loved one! Click here for more info/ to purchase!

ABOVE: 'Darling Little Tea Cup Ring', valued at £ 12.99. This is the *most* darling whimsical little teacup ring! The silver plated teacup is intricately detailed, you can see hearts round the rim of the cup, the words 'tea time' are inscribed on its side and it has its own little spoon and saucer too! Carry a piece of the magic of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatters Tea party with you everywhere! Click here for more info/ to purchase!
ABOVE: 'Alice in Wonderland 5-charms Bracelet', valued at £ 22.99. The main charm is a vintage illustration by Tenniel from Alice in Wonderland which shows Alice finding the bottle with the red liquid and the label saying "DRINK ME". The bottle charm next to it is filled with sparkly red glitter to look just like the little bottle full of liquid Alice finds.The 2nd picture charm is a detailed close up of the bottle. Click here for more info/ to purchase!
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