Wednesday, May 19

The Marshmallow Test (And Murder!)

Today, it is videos galore! (Okay, just two) We got to watch this really cool video of a marshmallow test given to kids to test their resilience! Technically, those who end up eating the marshmallow wouldn't do that well in school. No offense to those who ate it, cos I WOULD eat it right away! But the kids in there are waay too adorable resisting (or not) that single marshmallow! (Double click to see it full-sized on YouTube!)

Next! Still on the topic of marshmallows, this one had about 6 million hits on YouTube to date! It's called Marshmallow Murder, where you see a bag of talking (and irritating) marshmallows getting fired up! Hilarious! The ending actually made me hungry for graham crackers! (Double click to see it full-sized on YouTube!)

"It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend." 
- William Blake

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