Friday, May 14

Selena, Taylor, Dakota: Who Gets the Part?

How will they ever pick?!
Usually, when you're casting a part for a teenage girl, you'd be lucky to get one established star to audition. But getting to choose between Selena GomezTaylor Swift and Dakota Fanning? That's unheard of — and super difficult as well!
That's the opportunity (and problem) facing the people producing the upcoming flick The Seven Rays, an adaptation of the book of the same name. They're looking for someone to play a 17-year old girl who finds out that the lady she thought was her mother, actually is not — and she's got a supernatural background!
Well, we know Selena (Wizards of Waverly Place) and Dakota (Twilight saga) have the supernatural thing down pat, and have a ton of experience. But this could be Taylor's breakout role, and she's pretty magical herself!
What does the author, Jessica Bendinger, think? She likes all of 'em! Can't say we blame her, either!
Article taken from 4TNZ
And personally, I have a hard time choosing too! But my top pick's gotta be Selena. Dakota the last. I mean, Dakota's not even 17 yet! But I wouldn't mind if they picked her. Great, now I'm EXCITED for the movie even though the cast hasn't even been selected. Pathetic.
Anyways, I did another graded thing for Graphic Communication tut just some hours ago. It was geometry visualisation - whatever that is. But the point here is to create real-life objects (not authorised cartoon characters or symbols or icons) outta shapes like circles, squares and triangles! 3 hours wasn't enough for moi! But I managed. There was even this pink spiral! I created a croissant out of that. Added a plate so it doesn't look I'm drawing a snail... My drawing ain't all that.
"In Mexico an air conditioner is called a politician because it makes a lot of noise but doesn't work very well."
- Len Deighton

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