Sunday, June 6

8 HOURS of Shooting for a 5-min Film?!

All right, it might not be exactly 8 hours, but it was close! From early afternoon till ten at night! Still, I can't imagine what it'd be like for REAL film companies and media shows  which air every night for an hour. We friggin' took more than 6-8 hours just for a 5 MINUTE film project! But then, I guess it's 'cos of the scouting of locations and going over the scripts and the fact that we aren't a 50-man strong crew or professionals in the film industry to get it done fast. 

Ours was a story about the path to enlightenment with a gay storyline. And I don't mean gay being defined as happy. Truthfully, hardly anyone ever associates that word as 'happy' anymore. What a sad, disappointing world it has turned out to be. Still, the actors we got were pretty awesome at their jobs - and lines. I was counting down the hours till we could be the done - but that just made things worse. 

Okay, I'm plain exhausted. I'll just put up a random picture of two rabbits and be done with this for the day. My hamsters are always like that too - trying to bite the eye off the other. Or perhaps it's just a form of grooming? I dunno. Ciaoooo xoxo
"One cannot think crooked and walk straight." 
- Anonymous

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