Friday, June 4

Polaroid Pudding

POLAROIDS FTW!! I used to own a Poloroid too which makes nice insta-snaps! Too bad I lost it and the film ran out. Still, no matter! 'Cos I found this insanely cool virtual Poladroid! It looks like this on my desktop:
Plus it's ultra easy to use! Just drag and drop any picture ya want to that brown space at the polaroid and voila! Instant developed picture! Plus what's so cool about it is that once you've deposited a picture to the polaroid, it is displayed on your desktop - brown at first, but after a few seconds of waiting, the picture slowly starts to surface! Shake the picture for faster results! Best part of it is that it's completely FREE to download! Click here to download and try it out now!

Below's a picture of my cutest hamster, Pudding!
Yay, new episode of Wizards of Waverly Place! It's a sneak peek of 'Delinquent Justin' below! Real funny too! And WOWP has been signed for a fourth season too!! Eeeeeeep! So can't wait! It's seriously the only longest-running show on DC that's funny, besides the Suite Life!

ABOVE: Never-before-seen snapshot of Selena Gomez and David Henrie! 

"A chain is as strong as its weakest link." 
- Danish Proverb

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