Saturday, June 26

EXCLUSIVE! The 'Eclipse' World Premiere

It's too bad I can't ever go to these premieres! It'd have been mayhem though! Anyway, it was held at the Nokia Theatre in El Lay just on Thursday at 7 thirty! Some red-carpet appearances below by the Twilight cast and others! Hell, I can't wait for it to come out in theatres in just 4 days! Still, I believe they're trying to rush them out! The movies, I mean...
Eager fans awaiting the arrival of the 'Eclipse' cast.
The Nokia Theatre at night, still abuzz with activity.
The trio arrives. Why does Taylor L's eyes get slitter each time? Just sayin'!
Love her single arm warmer at the side!
The couple poses.
And again... This time in black-and-white!
Rob in a burgundy suit. He looks weird funny here.
Dakota Fanning arrives on the scene! Lovely ruffles at the hem of her dress.
Nikki Reed wearing a Marchesa dress. She said it'd not fit her at all when she first tried it on and they had to completely alter the dress to make it work for her! Phew!
Ashley Greene dressed in lovely neutral Switzerland.
Christian Serratos!
Aly & AJ Michalka make an appearance at the premiere too!
The Smith kids.  Cute leather jacket on Willow!
12 year-old Greyson Chance, who got famous through his rendition of Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' turns up for the exclusive after-party!
Taylor Lautner and Boo-Boo Stewart poses at the after-party too. 
More photos overload! Below are pictures of a cute hamster and a sullen kitty!
And some random humorous pictures and captions created using the Potter movies! They just keep getting better!

I NEVER, EVER get tired of this image. The Bean Brothers would rock so much. The Jonas Brothers are so last year. Just sayin'!

I won't ever look at this two the same way again, after reading this... Snape's facial expression is just priceless!

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be." 
- John Wooden

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