Friday, June 25

Upcoming Movie Talk: Mean Girls 2 & Monte Carlo

This is all about the upcoming movies! For now, I'm gonna post about Monte Carlo (I'd have mentioned it a coupla times in previous posts) and the recently confirmation of a Mean Girls 2 (Yes, with the 'Plastics'! Just a whole new different cast, of course).

Anyways, the cast of Monte Carlo had recently moved their location from Budapest to Paris! How lucky are they? Cory Monteith tweeted about Paris a couple of times already! And below are some pictures Katie Cassidy had posted on Twitter with herself, Leighton Meester, and Selena Gomez on top of the Eiffel Tower, with France stretching out below them!

There will be more details about the cast of Mean Girls 2, the sequel to the first ingenious film starring Lindsay Lohan! Former Disney Channel star in Corey in the House and currently in Desperate Housewives, Maiara Walsh announced on Twitter (and this is why Twitter comes in SO handy!) that she'd be playing the lead 'Plastic'! Wow she looks so different now.
Also Meaghan Jette Martin is in it as well! Lovely! She'd announced it on Facebook on the other hand... She's gonna be taking the role as Jo, which is much identical to the role played by Linds herself, called Cady Heron in the first flick! A recent photo of Meaghan below (yep, she dyed her hair to brown from blonde!)! She's the one in the blue pencil skirt FYI!
"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be." 
- John Wooden

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