Wednesday, June 2

Facebook Cartoons

Below are just some of the best Facebook cartoons I found on the web! Hilarious, and so true! Enjoy!

ABOVE: Credits to Sydes Jokes
And I know I'm so friggin' dead!!! There are projects undone, and the due date is just next week; there are tests that count for nearly half of our total grades (which I sooo haven't started studying) and there are group meetings during weekends and there's my music lesson and more. Damn. My entire schedule's PACKED. And there's no effin' way outta this mess. So, I gotta create this logo, and this was all I came up with today during lectures, which was so not close to what it was supposed to be. Yep, it's a heart made out of stars, using Adobe Illustrator. I just know I'm failing this thing. Argh.

"He who is dying of hunger must be fed rather than taught." 
- Saint Thomas Aquinas

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