Saturday, July 17

-Insert Witty Title-

All righty, I'm far too exhausted to even think of a cool title for this somewhat boring-as-hell post. They've been getting more boring by the days, so I've noticed - so I'll leave the title blank (sort of) for now. Couldn't put these < > in between or the title just come up blank!

Now, check out this music video by One Night Only, and Emma Watson makes an appearance in it! Looove her! Apparently, George Craig, frontman of the band, was also in the Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 campaign with Emma and they started dating during that time and are now a full-fledged couple! The song's called 'Say You Don't Want It'. It's pretty catchy I've to say, even if I don't exactly love European bands!
Emma and George dressed Burberry!
And two more Harry Potter humor below!
Oops. This is Twilight/Vampire Diaries. My bad! Stefan Salvatore was just random here (yes, more so than Edward Cullen).
"One time a windshield wiper will work properly is when it's holding a parking ticket." 
– Unknown

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