Sunday, July 18

Shooting: Day One!

All right, since I've pretty much promised (no one in particular) that I'd blog daily, here goes. I'll be catching up on my much-needed sleep right after some quality time with Mochi and Pudding! Sooo, we had an entire day of nearly 8 hours of filming! It dragged on, but it was pretty fun overall. I did some slating (otherwise called a clapper board. Preview image below!) and apparently, I'm a producer. The paperwork is really annoying to settle too, but it was hell fun signing them.
So our storyline goes like this (it's a rom-com!) A guy wants to marry his girlfriend, and apparently, this movie's all about his confrontation with this girl's Dad and being put to the test by the latter, to see if he's suitable enough to marry the daughter. It ends with a twist! But I'll update on that in the next few days when we actually film those scenes.

We shot 4 scenes in total (yep 8 hours for just 4 FOUR scenes!), namely three of the tests set by the father, such as table etiquette, washing the dishes and some physical stuff out in the field (turned out to be shot in a playground instead, where some kids who lived in the houses there watched us from their backyard).

We ate vegetarian food all the way throughout, since the owner of the house happened to be one and it would be just disrespectful if we ate meat. It was pretty good - but not at all enough to make you bloated. I've no idea how vegetarians keep themselves full.
“Nothing is miserable unless you think it is so. “ 
- Boethius

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