Monday, July 19

Final Day of IS!

Gosh... I'm so so exhausted. So I'll make this post quick and snappy! Today was the last day of our IS class (I'm not gonna bother deciphering what that means) so we had this full day of some challenge where we have to make a 7-minute presentation at the end and create a prototype of our finalised product design - apparently something that would keep a toddler safe and occupied for 20 minutes. The best part was using moulding clay (or plasticine?!) to build these miniature toys and TV set and all for our product - which happened to be a playpen. I got blue clay stuck under my nails afterward 'tho. God darn it.
Below are some pictures of our work with the plasticine and the playpen.
I started out with the head of a pig.
The body fully formed. Some apparently thought it was a demon baby. 
A star made by one of my mates (Looove Aussie slang)!
The inside of our playpen. Take note the sprawled figure lying on the yellow portion is supposedly the baby!
Aerial view of our playpen!
So obviously, since today's the final day of that particular class, it's pretty sad to say goodbye to some of them! All right, I'm beginning to feel a wee bit uncomfortable talking this, so I'm gonna stop here. Ciaaoooo xx

"English is a funny language--that explains why we park our car on the driveway and drive our car on the parkway." 
- Mark Grasso

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